Subject To Change

Subject To Change

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gun Control in America – Reality Check

I completely understand how all of the media can get a person feeling really down, feeling under attack, and just generally feeling miserable with all these attacks on our freedom. Let articles like this serve as encouragement to you to keep your head up! THEY don’t have this game won by a long shot, that’s for damn sure. If you need some proof, go check those bare shelves of your local gun store and think of all your neighbors that helped empty them, all the MILLIONS of fellow Americans that are standing right next to you through all this. Look at how drastically the civilian populace has drained the distribution chain in record time of all weapons, ammo, and accessories that could prove effective in defending against a tyrannical government. You have prices for various items and ammo increasing by 300% or more in many cases there is such a massive demand.
At first, it sucks, because you feel less prepared and feel that you need “more”, that you don’t have enough, and that they’ll take it away before you can afford to buy anything else. Guess what? Things aren’t that bad, and I have some recommendations for you that should help simplify this a bit and relieve some of that mental anguish over this whole ordeal. If you really think about it though, it’s just proof positive that at the first signs of a remotely serious threat to our most important civil rights, America as a whole is more than prepared to arm up and let the anti-gun minority know we’re not handing them in.

 There are some good tips in this article. Read it here.

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