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Subject To Change

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Murdered DA Had Put His Guns Away

Slain Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland kept a gun "in every room of his house" but couldn't reach one when his killer or killers came into his home Easter weekend because he had put the weapons away just hours before to protect visitors, his son said in an interview published Tuesday.
"They had a party the night before and he gathered up all his guns and put them away in a bag so that his guests didn't stumble across them," J.R. McLelland told The Dallas Morning News ( ).

This guy, who was normally prepared, let his guard down and paid for it. This is weeks after one of his prosecutors was gunned down.  If you don't want guns all over your house, carry one.


  1. Makes you wonder if the killer(s) knew that he had put the guns away for 'safety' and took advantage of it...............

  2. An attacker has the advantage of surprise. Unless the DA was a quick draw artist, he was still at a significant disadvantage had he been carrying. This is why the NRA "solution" of more and more guns is a mistake.

    1. You don't think he would have had a better chance if he or his wife had been armed?

      Unarmed you have almost a 0% chance.