Subject To Change

Subject To Change

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Interviewer (to audience): - “Good evening lady’s and Gentleman tonight I’m speaking to the legendary air ace Douglas (Tin legs) Bader, of the No. 19 Squadron based at RAF Duxford near Cambridge, during the Battle of Britain in 1940.”

Interviewer (to the Wing Commander): “Good evening Wing Commander Bader.”

Wing commander: - “Good evening “

Interviewer: - “Could you tell us something about a typical flight mission as you would have experienced it in 1940 during the battle of Britain?”

Wing commander: - “Well it’s a difficult experience to describe but I’ll give you an example, one time I was alone on patrol, and was directed toward an enemy aircraft flying north up the Nolfolk coast. I Spotting the aircraft at 600 yards through the mist, I recognized it as a Dornier Do 17. As I closed on the Dornier, three Fockers came out of the mist and attacked me."

Interviewer (to the audience):-"Just to clarify for our radio audience Fockers were a type of fighter plane that the Germans used during world war two, actually called Focke-Wulf’s they were generally referred to as Fockers by British pilots."

Wing commander: - "Yes! Thank you for clarifying but these Fockers were flying Messerschmitt’s!"

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